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vehicle lettering services

Aren’t looking for a full vehicle wrap? That is fine. It is not for every business or brand. We offer vehicle lettering services for the legal information required to be on the vehicle by law. We can even go a step further and list some of your services, phone number, or images of your work. Just because you aren’t doing a full commercial vehicle wrap, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative!

vehicle color change services

Vinyl wrapping services aren’t only for commercial vehicles. You can schedule to get just a simple piece, or your entire vehicle changed in color. Go from black to white, or anywhere in between with our full vehicle wrapping services. For color change we are located right here on Staten Island.

The car of your dreams is just a wrap away!

Full print vehicle wraps

Companies or custom print wrap customers that choose us to full print wrap their vehicles, expect quality as well as a vinyl that will be easily removed when the time comes. Not only is our vinyl premium designed, printed, and laminated, it is guaranteed completely removable. While applied to your vehicle not only does it advertise or completely cover your vehicle in an image, but it also preserves your vehicle’s paint or finish!

Make sure when you have your vehicle wrapped with a full print wrap, that you ask your installation company whether or not this vinyl will come off with ease. When the time comes to rebrand, redesign, or sell the vehicle you will not want this to be another obstacle.

The customers and companies that choose us to wrap their vehicles are well known local staples and various independent print companies such as Ads on Wheels. They will vouch for the quality of our work when you choose us to design and wrap your project. Ask us for a list of recommendations from clients we have helped around Staten Island and the rest of the world!

Vehicle wrap and lettering design

Branding and visualizing your business with a logo and branded print media is one of the steps towards becoming a major neighborhood staple. We are able to handle any and all graphic design needs for businesses.

Our suite of graphic design skills, resources, and applications go beyond print all the way through to branding and web development for small businesses around Staten Island.
Graphic design services provided locally by Tomde Studio.

print shop production

Our wheelhouse is our local Staten Island printing location, available for clients 24/7. Around the clock running of our machines, allow you some of the fastest turn around times on vehicle wraps, lettering, stickers, and more. You can have a finished product as soon as the next day in many cases.

You can send us a job to be printed with our machinery if your designer works remotely, out of state, or does not have connections with a print shop. Once it is printed, we can wrap and/or install vinyl for you as fast as possible.
If you are at the beginning of the process and need something designed from scratch for you, we can do that as well.

vinyl wrap installation

When it comes to the installation of vinyl wrap on Staten Island, we are the best in the business. Allow us to serve you with a time conscious install that works for any busy businesses like most of our clients are. Our overnight service enables us to install a full vehicle wrap when it is not in service. Overnight vehicle wrapping services are available to all of our daytime working clients. That goes for more than just vehicle wraps. We can install next day vinyl on walls or any surface needed for your business or home, as well.

All of our installations are done in a professional manner. We are educated through Avery Dennison and their Master Instructor Justin Pate. We have attended the Avery Dennison School of Wrap and currently subscribe to an online database with 1200+ professional instructional videos. We have constructed a clean well lit shop for us to do all of our installs in a controlled environment. Enabling us to be the best vehicle wrap installers in our area!

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